Creating Beyond Good Contest

When I was growing up, my family went through time of financial hardship. Yet and still…struggling financially did not keep my siblings and me from being creative. Without cable or internet, we entertained ourselves by making music, artwork, videos, movies, etc. These outlets kept us inspired, distracted from our circumstance, and fostered a passion for creative things that ultimately helped us develop into who we are now as adults.


I believe creativity lives inside everyone in some form or another. Channeling our inner creativity can help build a successful future, which is why this outreach program was birthed.


How it works:

  1. Create!! …an original idea, song, piece of artwork, or poem.

  2. Develop it… make a video clip showcasing your creation, explaining your idea, etc. Put some thought into it. Excellence should be the standard. Remember in a world where everyone is trying to make something of themselves, you must stand out.

  3.  Send it to Arai Of Life Inc. via email:

  4. The last day of the month the most creative submission will be selected as a winner, showcased on the website, and their creation will receive sponsorship as a seed to help the creator and creation blossom into a future.

  5. The first of the month the submission process starts all over.