Being Christ-like vs. being a "Christian..."

I posted this thought on Instagram,

"Being Christ-like is more about your character because of your love for Christ, not the facade you put on because you're a 'Christian.'"

And a user posted this comment: "Both are incorrect," which sparked a debate on our beliefs on what it means to be Christ-like. We went back and forth a few times, only to end on the pretty much the same point...Spirituality and religion are NOT the same.

So often people, the church in particular, get so caught up in religious acts and what a Christian should look like, that they aren't really raising up people who are truly like Christ. Here's what I mean... loving as He loved. Forgiving as he forgives. Being righteous... doing what is right regardless of personal gain/loss, etc. Making a decision to strive to be pleasing in the sight of God in every area of your life, at all times and not when it's convenient. It goes beyond wearing church clothes, sitting in a seat on Sunday mornings, quoting scriptures, doing Holy dances, etc. It's a personal thing between you and God, and as you strive to be close to him and live for him, your life will really transform into a Christ-likeness....

Praying Girl


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