Sell your soul or nah?

This world…where do I even begin? It’s become something I never saw in my picturesque version of life growing up as a child. I saw the beauty in things on television, and wanted it for myself. There was something magical about love and success, and family. Now what I see is sex, materialism, egotism, the selling of oneself for fictitious fame, etc. There is just so much that society has become accepting of and blind to in the same sense. It sickens me.

Why is it that for a woman to become somebody she has to show off her body and sell sex? Why is that the only way a man has an attraction to a woman these days? Why is it women applaud and envy other women selling their bodies as though that is the standard, or something worth attaining for oneself? I was utterly disgusted and ashamed of Kim Kardashian for posting a full naked picture of herself via social media recently. That’s not okay. Your body belongs to you and God. No one should have access to that image other than your husband. What are you telling little girls who see that image? Is it okay to be out here just exposed? I know… who am I? Who cares what I think? True, she may not know me, and my opinion may mean absolutely nothing to anyone; but it as long as it means something to me, I will continue to share it with hopes it can trigger something in at least one other person.

Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and countless others have brought sex to us raw and uncut and it’s become okay and acceptable to the public. It has become what men and women both love and can’t get enough of. But that’s just a piece of it. So much of what the world loves has become very dark and against what once was positive. Media in general has become the main outlet for us to be brainwashed and polluted with everything that goes against who God has called us to be. It’s like we’re living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and there’s really no way to get away from it because it’s everywhere.

I think about the music that now infiltrates the airwaves… the beats are dope, but the lyrics are trash. I was out with some girlfriends a couple of weeks ago and I remember a song came on, and myself and one friend both said at the same time, “I don’t even know what they’re saying half the time.” A lot of the music we listen to has no REAL message. Most songs are about getting money, having money, once you get some money, spending money, materials, not needing nothing or no one but money, sleeping with people, sex, more money, who needs love, more sex, big butts, money on big butts, oh did I say sex and money? And we buy into it. I’m not exempt.

I am constantly torn between my love of dope beats, and bass bumps and keeping my mind free from the trash lyrics and worldliness associated with the aforementioned. It’s a constant struggle. The media feeds us poison and we’re heavily enticed and intoxicated by its venomous aura. We don’t even realize it.

A few years ago, I became the praise and worship leader for my church. I started listening to Christian music, more than I had been, to learn music to teach and sing for worship services. It wasn’t that I just stopped listening to secular music because I was so devoted to God that I felt it was wrong, it was more to learn music for my position. However, when I would listen to secular music again, I could feel a difference in myself. I would say things and have no idea where I got it from, or become easily angered by little stupid stuff. It’s like pieces of me weren’t really me. And the more I could feel it, the more I didn’t like it. So I stopped listening to secular music altogether. All I listened to was Christian music for a while. I stopped listening to the radio, not that I was really listening to it before because I hated the fact that they only played like 7 sons on rotation. I was in my own little bubble.

The only time I would really hear new music was if I was in the car with someone or out somewhere. I liked my little bubble. But I started going out more with friends and started hearing newer music and even doper beats, and the Christian music started all sounding the same as there was a shortage of new, fresh sounding Christian records. And once again I was listening to secular music. But this time, it was like I was listening with filters. I could feel when it was messing with me. So I would stop listening for a few days. And feel okay. I honestly felt like I was being hypnotized. And then it hit me…wasn’t Satan the praise and worship leader for Heaven? Wasn’t he Heaven’s minister of music? Wasn’t he the one in charge of the band and the choir and all this music in Heaven? Sooooo, if he was kicked out of Heaven, where would he be most effective on earth? Doing what he was appointed by God to do in the first place…MUSIC. The world is his playground already, but media has become his method of attacking out minds and spirits and we don’t even realize it.

Slowly, but surely the world has become more satanic than ever. Not the way most people think when they think satanic. Most people think of satanic and think, demons, hell and fire, devil worship, etc. Though the world isn’t directly doing these things, they are indirectly living lives that are. As one continues to be influenced by things that go against Christ, and live lives that are not in accordance to God’s word, it is in fact direct correlation with worshiping satan. Is being accepted by this new world we live in really worth your soul? Be in the world, but not of it.

Again, it’s not easy. As I said before, it’s a constant struggle. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life and things in the world, media and music included, but we have to know when it’s too much and when to separte it from how we're living. Who are we living to please? What example are we setting for the future generations? There's a bigger picture...don't be blinded to it!

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