Loving you the way I do scares me. I want to feel safe with you. I look at you and see countless possibilities and a never-ending future. I want to explore what I thought was love and redefine it with you. I see nothing but hope and anticipation that you love me the way I need and deserve to be loved. But then I see fear. Fear that I’m believing in something that isn’t going to happen. Fear that you’ll do me just like the previous failed love attempts. Fear you’ll take my heart and use it. Fear that you’re not all I believe I see. Fear that you are, but will take advantage of me loving you like I do. You scare the crap out of me, and I don’t want to get hurt. But a piece of me, a very small, minute piece, believes this is the kind of love that drives out fears. That kind of love is hard to find, and if this is it… I’ll gladly wait.

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