Don't Worry...

I’m supposed to be writing, and I’m not quite sure what about, but I know God told me to write. Yesterday as I was preparing myself for rehearsal, it was as if my mind focused completely on God and Him having victory over all things. It was the strangest feeling. I heard my fears and concerns about the world we’re living in and all the things that are taking place in this time, and amongst those thoughts and feelings I could hear God. He reminded me that no matter what’s taking place right now, he’s already won the war, he will forever have the victory. The devil may be having his way on earth, but even he knows in the end he won’t win. So for us to focus all of our energy on what he’s doing and to live in fear is absurd.

It’s definitely easier said than done, but we have to remind ourselves that God is God over all things. He knows what will happen before we know what happened. He saw this world in its current state when he formed the world. He saw what would happen in society when he created it. He knows, and allows things to happen, (I believe) to bring our focus and attention back on Him. We’re focusing in on the wrong things. We’re putting all our energy and attention on the negative feelings, when we should be focusing on how God has a plan and purpose for everything and we need to trust Him. We need to get back to praying and living righteous and loving as Christ loves. These may be the last days, and now more than ever we should be examples of the people God called us to be; and as we lead by example that creates real change.

#2015 #fear #worry #change #love #God

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