I just finished reading, Destiny, by T.D. Jakes, and I was pleasantly delighted with its entirety. I’ve been doing a social media fast, with the intent of stretching myself spiritually and being more in tune with God and what he wants for my life right now. I’m praying continually about my relationships with people and my work environments. This year I have really been on a quest to position myself in purpose and be on the right path towards my destiny. I feel we all have a predestined path and life setup up, and it’s up to us to take the necessary steps to try to figure it out.

I think this year I’ve pushed myself to seek my purpose and to be at a place where things that aren’t helping me be in purpose have no place. It’s sometimes hard when you’re living life and have a feeling that you’re outgrowing various aspects and desperately seek to grow forward. It’s frustrating as well in a sense that, when I connect with people I expect them to be at this place that I’ve recently only discovered myself. I’m learning how to balance my growth, with my present, and prepare for my future.

There are certain things that used to make sense to me and certain people that I used to turn to for spiritual mentorship and life advice, that no longer hold the same merit. I listen and understand where their perspective is, but I disagree internally. As human beings we were meant to evolve and more importantly as Christians and people of faith, we were meant to grow to new levels. As we do this, old conversations, practices and beliefs seem to dissipate. But we mustn’t have an arrogance or conceit as we grow beyond our present and past, we have to find the balance as we transition further. Also, acquisitions of knowledge and experience were never meant to be contained in one person, we should be willing to give to those with a desire for such growth.

My friends probably get sick of me and I’m sure my family gets sick of hearing me talk about books and vlogs that I give attention to, but I get excited when I make discoveries to better my life. I want everyone to be as in tune with God’s voice and plans for them as I am trying to be with myself. I strongly believe we were all created with purpose, and as we make these purpose discoveries, we set ourselves up to live the best life God has already predestined us to live! I’m walking in my destiny!

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