Be a visionary

During my last youth session, I shared with my youth the importance of being a visionary, setting goals and living a purposeful life. Following the model set in Habakkuk 2:2. We made vision boards for the year 2016 and made plans to hold each other accountable for the things we envision not just for 2016, but for life.

I’m very passionate about people living their dreams, and doing what you can to make the things you desire in life to become a reality. I’ve had my share of hardships and misfortunes, but through the grace of God and the belief that it could still be possible I’m on a path to living my best.

There is so much I believe I still have left to accomplish in my life, and so much I’m determined to do. However, if I don’t believe it can be done and if I don’t envision it, I will remain in the same place. Not growing, not moving, no progression, just stagnant.

We can’t allow ourselves to be complacent! It is okay to have contentment with where you are in life, but never become complacent. When you become complacent, you inhibit your own growth. We were meant to evolve throughout life.

It starts with how you see your life, not just today but in the future. You have to master the pictures you have in your mind and envision more. Envision your dreams coming to pass. Envision living life at its highest potential. Envision better. Envision greatness. Envision success. Envision being your best self and living your best. You have to become a visionary for your life, and you can’t procrastinate. You can’t think about starting tomorrow. For tomorrow is not promised. Start today! Do what you can today! Dream today! Dream now! God has given you the keys to your future, it’s up to you to unlock it!

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