Man this world is getting out of control. I was watching a video the other day about how people of faith need to really start praying for the world and stop falling into the ploys and distractions that are being thrown our way. Everything now seems like a distraction. Freaking Pokemon is getting people nearly killed. I can't! People will hate me saying this and I frankly don't care. But even down to the racial stuff, it's all a distraction.

The devils main goal is to distract you from having a deeper connection with God and being who he called you to be. Succumbing to fear and hatred goes against EVERYTHING God says. God IS love and we are to LOVE everyone regardless of who and how they are and we aren't to live in fear. We aren't to hold hatred in our hearts. I'm hearing one too many people talk with a hateful undertone in retaliation to what has been going on for DECADES, but we're just seeing it more prevalent because of social media. We are to change the world, but not by hating anyone in it. And not by fearing it. Being aware and being afraid are not the same.

Remember God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE... Pay attention to the things going on. It's bigger than race, color, status, country, denomination........ If you're focused on those battles, you're already setting yourself up to lose in the real war. I wonder how monumental it would be if people would stop boycotting irrelevant things like soda pop and retail chains and boycott the News that feeds us half truths and gets ratings & bigger salaries off reporting these stories that keep people afraid and angry... I'm ranting so i'll stop right there!

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