45th Presidential Election

I woke up this morning, the clock said 6:33am. I hesitated checking the polls to see who had won the 45th Presidential Election. My mind told me, “go back to sleep, what’s done is done, you have to be up in two hours anyway, you can just check then. “ I tried to close my eyes a moment longer, but a minute later my curiosity moved me to grab my iPhone and pull up Google. I typed, “election” in the search bar. The results popped up reading, “Donald Trump has won the Presidency.” My heart sank. I stared at the screen in disbelief. I could not believe what I was reading. I read it again, as if the words on the screen would change because I desired it to be untrue.

I sat my phone down and lay staring at the ceiling. Tears began to fall from my eyes, and my heart broke. It didn’t feel real. As fear began to creep into my feelings, I heard God say, “Everything that happens, I allow.” I could hear thoughts in my head telling me there is a reason God allowed this to happen. This may force people to a place to seek him for not only the well being of this country, but for their lives in general. I am trying to force myself not to hold fear in my heart, as God has not given us that spirit. I am trying to not feel troubled because I know, though we may not understand or like this outcome, God has some master plan.

I really can’t bring myself to listen to jokes about this election outcome, or find any humor in any of this. I am trying my hardest as a believer in God to accept His plan and trust His will. I will continue to love people as God has instructed us, no matter the hatred that may begin to surface around me.

I am disheartened by so many people who were avid, “Black Lives Matter” protestors, but they chose to not let that voice matter in this decision. It’s really unfortunate a choice to not have a voice, was a choice to help this outcome. Though, we cannot change what is done, and cannot go against God’s will and plan for us in this time. We can, again, only trust and believe it is for a greater purpose. Continue to stand strong together, in love and with peace. God will keep us!

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