Happy New Year

This is the start of a New Year. What an exciting and fascinating time for most, along with the possibility of new beginnings. New goals are set by most, masked as a resolution for the year. Most frequently gym memberships are initiated and diets are began. “New Year, New Me,” is chanted by masses. But what does that really mean?

As the year progresses, these resolutions to get in shape, lose weight, save money, etc. are faced with the reality of poor follow through by most. Those healthy eating choices are met with the exception of a beer here, and a sweet treat there. Gym memberships begin to be used less and less, and then ultimately cancelled as they become a wasted monthly expense. What people fail to realize, changing the exterior is not a new you, it’s only the shell holding YOU. Who you are is buried in your core; it’s in how you think, how you love, how you treat people, etc. Changing your appearance will not change YOU.

I’ve been one of the many to make goals each year, resolutions if you will, that focused on exterior things. Until I made the conscious effort to resolve to be better and change things inside of me, I didn’t see real changes outside of me. The past couple of years, I’ve been better at setting goals for my inner growth through stretching my mind, body and spirit. Once you change you on the inside for the better, you set the stage for all areas of your life to be changed.

Last year, I made a conscious decision to surround myself with purpose things. The more read and listened to things on living a life full of purpose, the more certain things stuck out to me. My time could not be wasted and spent on things that served no purpose. My relationships couldn’t not be centered on people who were not reflective of the person I was created to be, and the purpose I was created to carry out. My energy could not be consumed by things that drained necessary energy for purpose. My creativity could not be wasted on creating things that were not reflective of my purpose. I even deleted my social media apps off of my phone numerous times out of the year, to spend less time being distracted by things that only wasted my time. As I took these thoughts into consideration, it extended into my everyday life.

This year I plan to make a very similar resolution. I seek to continue to grow personally and watch my life align properly with who I was purposed to be. Once again, I’ve deleted Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat off of my phone as I plan to focus in on my life and pray over my year. I challenge everyone to take an introspective look at yourself, and challenge yourself to be better at your core. The world has enough exterior focused people, it needs more GOOD natured at their core people!

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