What a way to start my new year, taking a trip to New York! I haven’t been there since I was a child, but it was just captivating. I absolutely love that city! It’s far batter than I remember. I loved seeing so many different people. I love culture and experiencing it. The city was so alive and inspiring.

I walked quite a while, exploring, trying my best not to appear as a tourist, and blending in with the people around me, sneaking pictures here and there.

I ran into a psychic, on the street, while I was there. Actually she came up to me. It’s kind a weird how those people are always drawn to me. I have mixed feelings on them. Both times I’ve encountered a psychic they said some things that registered and then said some things that didn’t, and then there was stuff said that was like left open to interpretation, which I interpret to mean confusion and God is not a God of confusion. The one I encountered a few years ago was more believable in my opinion. She just knew way too much without me saying a thing. This lady in Times Square knew my birthday and a couple random surface things, but for the most part it was stuff like, you’re going to have a successful year, you’re going to travel soon, etc.

The lady said one thing that stuck out to me about a person loving a great deal, but there being external things around them that keep them from wanting to. It made me think…why would a person not want to love when the greatest thing created was love? The only thing I can come up with is fear. Fear that you love too much and it won’t be reciprocated, fear that you love too little, fear you’re not worthy of the love you receive, fear the other person is not worthy of it, fear maybe it won’t work out, fear that you’ll get hurt loving. Fear in this, fear in that. But there is NO fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear!

I’ve learned I love extremely hard and am sometimes guarded in expressing that, because of my own fear it won’t be received well, or it’ll be taken advantage of. I love God, and I love the people closest to me… to the moon and back as they say. I would do anything for these people, not because I expect them to do things for me, but because that’s just how I express my love. Love is not…I’ll love you if you love me the same way in return. God is love, and we were created in His image, so in essence we are beings of love. If we are to be like Him, then we are to show love to everyone we encounter.

I don’t mean in the sense that you go out and splurge on material possessions to showcase it, but in the way you relate to people, the way you talk, the way you hold a door open for the person walking in behind you, saying good morning to people you encounter, smiling when you make eye contact with someone. Love is shown in ALL of your actions. Not making fun of a person because they don’t think the way you think, but rather trying to understand it. Not being rude, but always showing kindness.

There are so many kinds of love, and depending on your relationships with people, different types of love will grow in each. But it starts with treating everyone with the love that was created inside of you, regardless of the things around you.

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