Hidden Figures...

I saw Hidden Figures the other day, and I absolutely loved it! It was a great example of how women strived for higher intelligence levels, and making a difference with their work ethic and intellect. I kept thinking to myself this movie needs to be shown in every school, and young women need to really pay attention to what’s being promoted here. After all, IT’S A TRUE STORY!

It sickens me to no end that the young women today look to people like reality tv stars, provocative music artists and Instagram models as the standard and what they aspire for. Somewhere over the last 10 years, selling sex and ignorance became the aspiration. Too many young women speak without even a high school graduate level of intelligence. The career goals are minimal, and what they practice and portray is what their children model, and in turn replicate.

It’s time the model of intelligence and making a positive difference became the goal again! The widespread goal. Women and men both need to look back on the role models that paved the way for where we are today, and I don’t mean just in a sense of people of color. I mean paved the way for ALL people by way of creating cars that everyone drives, electricity that everyone uses, creating curling irons that all women at some point use, using intelligence to get a man into space, etc. Use your brain and creative gifts and abilities to make a difference to all men!!!!!! Let’s empower each other to be smart and creative in positive and respectable ways. Let’s recreate a high standard!

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