Ski Trip on Sunday

I just came back from a ski trip in Colorado. It was quite the adventure. From flight delays and cancelation, to lost luggage and driving through blizzard conditions. I struggled to breathe the very thin air because of the way my lungs were struggling to get oxygen to my brain, and my entire blood supply system. It was a workout just to walk and breathe at the same time, let alone partake in snow sports. But it was so worth the experience.

Sunday morning, I woke up and just because I was on vacation did not mean it wasn’t still my Sabbath. “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” I got up and streamed The Potters’s House, just in time for Bishop Jakes’ sermon. He spoke on favor and the prerequisites of having favor. There were many points I took to heart and made note of. One thing in particular that stuck out to me was how God gives favor pragmatically. How are you using what God has given you to be of service or to make someone else’s life better?

Why would God give you a gift to keep to yourself and only make your life better? As we use what God gives to us to plant into the soil of someone else’s needs as well as our own, we set the stage for blessings to flourish in their life and ours as well. Ultimately God gets the glory out of it all.

I think it’s really something to consider as one goes about daily life, and pursues various things IN life. Take out any selfish connotation, and live according to God’s pragmatism of favor.

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