I've Found Someone

I found an old poem that I wrote for Gentlemanhood.com on 7-22-14....

I’ve found someone. Someone who loves me. Someone who knows what I deserve. Someone who won’t settle for anything less. Someone who wakes up and is happy I’m alive another day. Someone who thinks I should reach for the stars and beyond. Someone who tells me to dream big. Someone who isn’t afraid to enjoy life. Someone who would rather be surrounded by positivity and peace, rather than negativity and malice. Someone who loves and loves hard. Someone who has been used and abused, so they know how to treat others not as the treatment they receive, but as they would want to be treated.

I’ve found someone who inspires me to be better. Someone who pushes me to be my best. Someone who supports me. Someone who says, “if no one else is for you, I am for you”. Someone who believes bad days are not meant to stay. Someone who believes every bad thing that happens is an opportunity to learn and grow towards good things. Someone who is spontaneous and well planned at the same time. Someone who smiles even when there’s not much to smile about.

I’ve found someone strong. Someone who perseveres through struggles. Someone who doesn’t quit. Someone I’m proud of. Someone with goals and ambition. Someone who loves God, and isn’t ashamed to live in accordance to Him. Someone who’s cried at night and during the day, but remembered bad times do fade away.

I’ve found someone. I’ve found ME… And I love her, each and every piece!

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