Everyone can shine

I just had a thought about a friend who is always soliciting support for them self and their endeavors, but doesn’t really show me any support. Hasn’t purchased any of my items or helped promote them… Why are people afraid of supporting others? Only thing I could come up with was they’re afraid in doing so, they fear it’ll overshadow what they’re doing. Like people will gravitate to the other person more than them.

Then it popped in my head, there’s enough room in the kingdom for everyone to shine. God wants everyone to be blessed beyond measure. There’s enough favor to go around and be in abundance. The fact that we’re all still living, we’re all still serving some purpose. Each of us was created with something inside of us that’s meant to glorify God and uplift his kingdom. In giving God the glory, he rewards… so to be scared that helping another person accomplish their

purpose will take away from you accomplishing yours suggests your belief in God’s rewards is limited and needs adjustment!


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