I say this with no offense directed towards anyone, and if it is taken anyway other than uplifting… one’s own morals and values should be re-evaluated.

Women… YOUR BODY IS PRECIOUS!!! I’m so VERY sick of seeing woman demoralizing themselves of class, dignity and respect by posting half naked images on the internet, etc. This not only demeans you, but it strips you of any respect an outsider would have for you as well. One might argue, “I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of me. I’m proud of my body and I don’t need you to tell me how I should and shouldn’t showcase it.”

While you have valid points and arguments, it is your prerogative to do as you please with your body, I urge you to consider what message is being sent to your daughter, your niece, your students (should you be a teacher), other young girls who look up to you. This is what bothers me more than anything…the image young girls are being given. The model set before them, and in essence what they will want to emulate.

In flaunting one’s body in a sexually explicit manner, it teachers younger generations that it’s okay to gain attention not by our intelligence, or our creative gifts and abilities, but solely by the way our skin looks without a covering. Exposed in the most intimate way we set the standard to how we will be respected by men, other women, job opportunities, etc.

WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. Not just how we look exposing the curves of our hips, the cusp of our backside, or the fullness of our breasts. Our intellect, our creativity, our cunning spirit, our strength, our perseverance, our will power, our independence, and so much more makes us all beautiful! We truly are MAGIC!!!

I really wish women could see that, and model THAT to younger generations!

#women #magic #beauty

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