St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday was a day recognized as St. Patrick’s Day. As most other holidays, it is commercialized and its original intent seemingly lost. Vast amounts of Americans see the day as a day for green beer, drunken antics, green attire, four leaf clovers, “pots of gold” and parades. However, many of these people have real clue why it became a celebration in the first place.

I, myself, was curious a few years ago why it is even a holiday so I researched it. Apparently, it was a day of celebration in Ireland because of the introduction of Christianity to the land, and also a commemoration of St. Patrick’s death date. St. Patrick was an evangelist who helped found Christianity to Ireland.

Ever since, I’ve told everyone I encounter on that day, every year, that the day is meant to be a celebration of Christianity. Drunken stupors are not a reflection of its true meaning.

The general public makes mention of “luck” every year on St. Patrick’s day, with its symbolism of four leaf clovers. However, luck is not something as believers we should pay homage to. We should know and recognize that we are blessed far beyond measure! Nothing about our lives is because we are lucky. God chooses to bless us all with each breath we take. We are blessed by the fact that He chose us, to love us, to give us grace, to show us mercy, to allow us infinite chances to get it right when we mess up, to send His Son to die for such mess ups as a reminder that He loves us unconditionally. That is not luck. That is unmerited favor! It’s a blessing to be have such an existence! St. Patrick was bringing such an idea to Ireland. Evangelizing as Jesus has instructed us all. Sharing the good news about Christ to everyone we encounter.

I encourage you to see pass the notion of luck and thank God each day, for being blessed! And share it as well!

Better late than never…Happy St. Patrick's Day!

#luck #blessed #stpatricksday

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