Resurrection Sunday...nothing else!

Today we celebrate to resurrection of Jesus, for Christians it is the monument of our faith; the major thing that separates our belief from other religions. I went to Easter service like most people this morning. Even people who don’t attend church other Sundays out of the year, find their way to church on Easter Sunday. A friend of mine jokes every year about people who show up to church that you haven’t seen in ages.

Following service I went to lunch with my family, and then I figured it was still early so I could stop by the mall to exchange an item. Only to be disappointed when I got there and saw it was closed. After I got over that shock and disappointment, I was somewhat happy to see it was honoring the holiday and keeping it sacred by not being open. I drove home thinking about how nice that was that the employees could celebrate this day.

I laid down shortly after I arrived home, to take a nap, only to be awakened by a text stating a man was in our city killing people live on facebook. Anger immediately took over me. My friend was continuing on about how the video was posted and she saw it and was mortified. I just kept thinking to myself, “of all the days!” I found myself Googling the story and reading the jest of it, then only became more upset.

Senseless crimes in themselves bother me, but the fact that of all the days evil would overtake a person to this magnitude, it would do it on a day we set aside to celebrate salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus! And to do it publicly.?! Not only did a man take the lives of innocent people, but he did it publicly for the masses to witness. That’s horrible! Evil has found a way to try and overshadow the joy and peace we should be feeling because of the significance of this day, and use it as an opportunity to instill fear and sadness in the masses.

I shared the thought in that last paragraph with some people as we were discussing the events taking place, and I shared how it broke my heart that this is going on. And the response from my friend saddened me. She said “this act has ruined the day.” I had to put the conversation on do not disturb and pray for a while. I hate for anyone to lose their life, and I hate for anyone to be that enraged that we would fall victim to such evil act, but what I hate more than anything, is for evil to overshadow all things God…love, grace, peace, joy, happiness, etc.

And the more we continue to allow such evil to overshadow those things it’s power grows and will continue such heinous activity because it knows it’ll be successful in making us fearful as human beings. Fear won’t be the only things surfacing, anger, retaliation, offense, etc…all these negative things will be like normal and that’s not how we were meant to live!

I get being wise and exercising caution. Because this man, last I read, is still at large…I won’t be leaving my home because it’s the wise thing to do. And I’m sad innocent lives were lost. And pray for their families. But I’m not going to allow fear to rise up in me. I’m not going to glorify this activity and allow that to take away from today being meaningful. No thing on this earth could steal my joy and happiness for the love that was shown for me by Jesus, when he died for all of me…all of what I was, what I am and what I will yet be, so that I can say I am free in Him. I am saved! That man even went as far to say “today is slaughter Sunday”…NO today is RESURRECTION SUNDAY!! And these acts have even been paid for with the blood that was shed many many years ago. My prayer is that this man is found rather quickly, and the masses don’t lose site completely on its true significance!

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