I made a decision that to some may seem a bit ludicrous and unfathomable, but for me it was much needed. I was getting to a point where I was becoming very angry with my work situation and would cry at work. Most that know me, have probably never seen me cry and if they have by some rarity…they know that’s not something I typically do. The work environment itself wasn’t good, the energy was all wrong, the workload didn’t have to be bad, but the energy…I can’t stress enough how bad the energy was. I felt so suffocated, and I knew if I didn’t make a change, I would spend the rest of my time complaining and unhappy. That couldn’t be my life. So I wrote my resignation letter, saved it on my computer, and began searching for something else I could do without strings attached so I could devote the majority of my time to my purpose and destiny.

I thought, why should I allow myself to be locked into negative energy and space, causing a change in my own character and energy because I’m too scared to let it go and pursue something else? I shouldn’t, and the longer I stay locked into this bad situation, that only gets worse by the day, the longer I delay my happiness and destiny.

I think that was the best decision I could’ve made. Coincidentally, the moment I made that decision, a door opened for me to travel doing something with no real strings attached, making even more money. I am beyond excited to start this new journey!

I think sometimes we as humans get stuck with routine and security and fear of the unknown. Then we settle for a life we don’t enjoy, a job we can’t stand, a city we wish we didn’t live in, even a relationship that we know could be better. But we should live our best and happiest lives. If a job has served it’s purpose and no longer makes you happy, maybe that’s the push from god that you need. Maybe he’s making you so uncomfortable to force you to make a change in your life. A change that will lead you to what he’s destined for you. We should we go after ALL we want in life! I know that’s what I’m doing!

#life #happiness #purpose #joy #destiny

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