Chicago, the Windy City

My first travel assignment is in Chicago. I wasn’t that crazy about Chicago before, and having been here 3 wks now, I’m STILL not that crazy about it. I came here last year to visit my brother while he was here for work, and wasn’t that impressed. This time I’ve ventured around downtown more, which was okay, but was very overpriced in my opinion.

I ordered a pizza for $10, but the delivery was $7 not counting the tip so I ended up paying $20 for a 6” pizza. Then when I ate it, it was nasty. Most of the uber meals have delivery charges of $5 plus. And everything I’ve had was nasty. It was too cold for me to go to the Navy Pier, but I hear that’s something to do. I’ll have to check that out. The only cool thing really was they turned the river green for St. Patrick’s Day. All in all, the city is just okay. If I have no reason to be here, it’s not somewhere I think I would just go to for fun.

On the flipside… this work assignment… BEST DECISION EVER! I’ve felt so free and happy since.

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