Midwest Swinging...

Next stop, St. Louis. I’m really enjoying this place. Everyone here is so friendly! People are just kind without expecting anything from you. It feels super country and homey. I would have to say my favorite place to eat has been Sugarfire. It’s a BBQ spot that serves BBQ Salmon. I’ve gone 4 times so far and am in LOVE! You can choose your own sauce as they have many options. The Sugarfire Pie is definitely recommended!

STL is known for their BBQ and gooey butter cake, that’s been delicious as well. I’ve gone to quite a few spots. Highway 66 Roadhouse is like a Louisiana Cajun style restaurant. Delicious. Bandana’s BBQ, pretty good. McArthur’s Bakery, good. Ted Drew’s custard, AMAZING! Fitz’s in the Delmar Loop, great option for floats. The zoo is FREE, go figure, and that’s for sure something to check out. Imo’s Pizza is a pizza they rave about that I wasn’t too crazy about, but people there seem to enjoy it. I was told to check out Grant’s Farm and the City Museum, but didn’t get a chance to. Though they looked really fun. All in all this has been a great city

to be assigned.

#stlouis #sugarfire #bbq #citylife #fun

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