Do you want to be made WHOLE?!

I’ve been reading “Wholeness” by Toure Roberts, and it’s taken me a lot longer than it normally takes me to read a book. It’s really good so far, but every time I read a few pages, I really have to stop to think and process everything I’ve just read. I feel like in reading it, it’s caused me to do a lot of introspection. I read a bit then think about how it can apply to my life, and how I can take what I read and make internal changes.

One thing in particular, pin pointing the broken areas within myself… It really took me a minute to get to the root of why I am the way I am in certain areas. I think identifying the root cause of broken areas and not just the evidence of brokenness is a major step towards healing and wholeness. It’s easier to look at a situation and say I reacted this way because the situation made me feel like this… but why would you feel that way in the first place? What deep down inside of you initiated those broken feelings?

I’ve been meditating more and trying to dig out things that serve no purpose in me being my best self. I think in order to really live in accordance with who we’re called to be, we have to recognize what patterns and behaviors need renovation. Not just cut from my life but dug up from the root so that it has no chance to grow back.

#introspection #faith #christian #selfhelp #toureroberts

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