Plan B vs Plan A

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the concept of having a plan B and a plan A. I lived my adult life focusing on my plan B with the thought that it was to get me to a place to afford going after my plan A. As I’ve been shifting to focus more on my “plan A,” I’ve been thinking maybe I should’ve focused more on this all along. I don’t believe any part of life is a waste, as I believe we learn and grow from every experience, every delay, and every choice that could’ve been a different and better choice. Though, I wonder, does focusing on plan B first or even having a plan B in front of plan A really benefit a person or does it only detour you from living your real dream?

I got to talking to my brother about it, and he was pretty amid that there’s no point in having a Plan B if the A route is the ultimate goal. He followed it with one should always be working toward their dream and goal in life, if it fails try another approach, if that fails try another, just keep going until it happens. I agree with that, and that actually caused me to do some further introspection.

I started to think where I would be had I focused on my dreams all along, and not been focused on making money and building wealth without purpose and fulfillment. There should’ve been balance. I should’ve done both. And here I am, almost 10 years post degree, successful in my degree field, unfulfilled, unhappy and misunderstood.

The friends I’ve grown to know and love during this time of focusing on my plan B, only see me in this light. They are now confused and bewildered that a desire for my “plan A” is a thing, and probably think I’m crazy. Then there’s me, screaming at them on the inside, THIS IS ME! THIS IS WHO I AM! THIS IS WHAT I’VE ALWAYS, FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE, WANTED TO DO. It’s a really strange feeling. I can’t blame people for confusion when the only person I’ve shown them was the person with a determination to make plan B work… first.

So again, the question…does focusing on plan B in front of plan A really benefit a person or does it only detour you from living your real dream? I think, if a person chooses to do things the way I did, they have to set a time frame…by this point, I’m going to focus all of my attention on what I really want in life. You have to set a time frame, or you wont ever go back to plan A. Though, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have put ALL of my energy in plan B. The benefit was financial, however that’s all I’ve gained from it. I have no satisfaction, no fulfillment, and no happiness from it. If you think that’s worth it, then follow what I’ve done. But if you seek purpose, joy and a feeling of completion… have no plan A or Plan B… only have your dream, focus on that, and work towards that!

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